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Noke Bicycle Cable & Smart Padlock

No Key, No Problem

A smart lock to eliminate the hassle of keys

and combinations forever.
Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Nokē was designed to be the simplest electronic device you own. Nokē automatically finds and connects to your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone. You don't even need to remove your phone from your pocket or purse for quick and easy access to the things that matter most. 

The most advanced hardware and software solution for access control and asset tracking.

for your business

Cloud-Based Security

Securely manage your locks and users with the award-winning Nokē system that connects our powerful locks to our robust web portal.

Key Management

Instantly grant customized access to individuals or groups.

Mobile Access

Conveniently unlock doors and locks with your Bluetooth enabled phone or fob.

Location Data

Easily monitor where locks are used to follow progress of items in transit.

Nokē Pro web portal lets you view,
manage and analyze your users and locks
for seamless security and valuable insight.

Nokē Access Control Panel

Replace your key cards with the Nokē system using the Nokē Access Control Panel. Give employees easy access to the places you want, when you want. No more issuing and revoking key cards, re-keying door locks, or tracking down time sheets.

Remote Sharing

Quickly share access from anywhere in the world.

Audit Trail

View where, when, and by whom locks are being used to increase security and simplify business management.

Coming Soon -

our complete Access Control package




Control made easier. Security made smarter.

We can assist you in building your
Smart Access & Asset Management Strategy
From monitoring your bicycle to shipping trucks and office doors to securing your dumpsters and employee lockers, Nokē keeps you connected to the things that matter most.
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