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The job of securing such properties can often be quite complex because of the volume of residents, deliveries, and service technicians coming and going each day, the need to fortify multiple entry points on the property, and the fact there may be multiple entry types as well (vehicle gates vs pedestrian gates vs internal doors such as those to a clubhouse or fitness center).

It is critical that any access control system installed for a multi-tenant property be easy to utilize for its residents, while simultaneously being easy to administrate for the community’s management personnel.

One of the many advantages of living in a multi-tenant residential property, especially a gated single-family home community—is that it provides residents with added security when it comes to who is allowed to access the property.

With a Cellgate Multi-Tenant Property Solution, You Can Have:

  • A single access control solution that can combine vehicle entry, pedestrian gate, and internal door access requirements

  • 1500 directory listings per system

  • Up to 9 contacts can be called per resident/tenant, increasing the likelihood a visitor reaches someone that can grant entry

  • Optional add-on external cameras for added security, SERIOUSLY RECOMMENDED

  • Easy-to-use credential data import tools that make new system setup simple for community managers, we can also take care of it for you.

  • A variety of admin tier levels for community management staff, ensuring the right people have access to just the areas they need to utilize


Watchman WXL

Featuring the largest color touchscreen available in cellular access control, the Watchman WXL will appeal to sophisticated multi-tenant property owners that appreciate modern aesthetics and a state-of-the-art user experience.

Tenants will love receiving streaming video calls of visitors on their smartphones, while property managers will celebrate the user-friendly administration portal, and that it is available in both cellular and hard-wired ethernet models.

WXL Brochure »

Watchman W460/W461

With a long list of exclusive features, superb reliability, user-friendly property administration, and appealing tenant functionality, the W460 and W461 are revolutionizing the multi-tenant access control industry.

Cellgate has a well-earned reputation for developing cellular and internet access control products with features competitor products simply can’t match. The Watchman W460 & W461 Multi-Tenant models are no exception. 

W460 Brochure »     W461 Brochure »


Speaking of optional

external add-on cameras,

we have solved one of the most frustrating challenges​ that we have faced in ensuring the integrity of security gate entrances, the piggyback entry.


We believe that adding entrance and exit gate cameras and this customized gate sign to the Watchman system tells the story, for you and the gate entry cheaters.

13_Header._CB1557167309_ (1).jpg
Will CellGate work with my existing system?
Yes, the CellGate products connect easily to virtually all manual and automatic gates, electronic lock controllers and electronic door openers. And, it’s designed to complement the keypad or push-button opener you are currently using so you can use CellGate and your current systems.


Is there a limit to the number of access codes I can create?

On the CellGate TrueCloud web portal, you can create as many access codes as you want. In fact, it is best to give each person their own personal access code so you can monitor exactly who enters and when.

Can I control how long the access codes are valid?

Yes, on the CellGate TrueCloud web portal, you can create an access code to be valid for a certain number of uses, for a defined date/time range and/or days of the week, or until canceled.

Can I open the gate, door, or lock if I'm not there?

Yes, using the CellGate TrueCloud web portal you can open or close the door, gate or lock directly from the CellGate web site by logging in to www.cell-gate.com, or by using your smartphone app. The device will open/close even if you are not there in person.

Can I use CellGate products to open the gate for an extended period of time?

Yes, if supported by your electronic gate, door or lock, CellGate will let you use the TrueCloud web portal or smart phone app to open the gate for an extended period of time. 


How can I tell who enters my property?

Unlike keypads or remote control devices, all transactions using CellGate products are logged on the TrueCloud web portal. You can sort transactions by date/time or even by access code, and find out exactly who entered and when. In order for this feature to be most helpful, be sure to give each person their own personal access code.


Is cellular coverage required?

Most CellGate devices use advanced wireless data technology and operate on AT&T or Verizon networks.  Some CellGate products can also work with a hardwired internet connection.  

Is CellGate really secure?

Yes! All commands and voice connections are sent through CellGate’s servers which validate the gate/door number and access codes. Open commands are then transmitted to the remote device using advanced digital technology. To maximize the security, you should not give your access code to anyone. In addition, personal access codes given to others should be set to expire thus preventing their unwanted use.

Will it open if the AC power goes out?

Battery back-up power will provide power to your system if AC power is down.


Can I open my gate if cellular service is down?

Access codes are stored in the keypad and will continue to work if cellular service is down.

How many access codes can I have?


Do I need to have cellular service at my gate for the CellGate system to work?

Ideally, yes. However, our digital antennas and modems are stronger than a cell phone’s and we can install directional antennas to extend the coverage from the cell tower; therefore, the system may still work. We also have internet options for certain products. To be certain, call us and we will figure it out.

What carrier will my system need?

Either AT&T or Verizon depending on the product(s) chosen and your location.

Can I use my clicker to open my gate with the CellGate system installed?

Yes, your clicker will still work.

Does opening with my clicker count on my monthly usage?

If you want to have the transaction recorded by the TrueCloud web portal, it will. If you do not want to record transactions when clickers are used, your system can be programmed to ignore clicker openings.

Can I hold the gate open by using my cell phone app or the Internet?



Is my clicker entry recorded and/or is a picture taken when I use my clicker?

Your system can be programmed either way. You may have a picture taken when the clicker is used to open the gate, or you may program the system not to take a picture when a clicker is used to open the gate.

How far apart can cameras be from the gate?

Approximately 100 feet.

Can one motion detector activate two cameras?



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