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No Network System is 100% Secure
A Modern Advanced Network System, updated regularly is just a start and it is our vehicle to at least give you a fighting chance against the Black Hat Bad Guys lurking in the cyber shadows.
Advanced Security
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Happy Wifi,

Happy Life!

Every frontline TechCARE package

includes an               Plus smart firewall package.

    eero Plus is a premium subscription service that provides advanced security measures, expanded parental controls, and VIP support. Click HERE for much more information.


Advanced Security eero Plus is updated every second to protect you from millions of malicious websites that host viruses, phishing scams, ransomware, and more.

SafeSearch An easy tool for blocking violent content from Google and Bing search results across all your children’s devices.

Content Filtering A simple way to prevent or block certain devices from accessing violent, illegal, or adult material from specific devices on the network.

VIP Support eero Plus provides priority access to our customer experience team, so you’ll have limited or no wait time before speaking with a WiFi expert.


eero Plus prevents you, or anyone on your network, from accessing malicious sites associated with viruses, malware, phishing scams, and more.

If you visit a site we’re not familiar with, or a site that’s flagged as suspicious, eero Plus will test it in real time to confirm it’s safe before letting you access it.

Unlike the built-in protections in your browser or email client, eero Plus references a database of threats that is automatically updated every second.

With eero Plus, you don’t have to manually set up protections on each device; all laptops, phones, and connected devices are secure with just a few taps.

WiFi so good you’ll never have to think about it again. WiFi has become the central nervous system for the connected home. eero improves the experience in key product categories like home theater, gaming, and even appliances.
Our homes are broken.  By this we mean that across your whole home, connectivity is terrible, integration isn’t perfect or even that good, and so called “smart” devices are actually pretty dumb.  The modern home needs an upgrade.  Everything is becoming connected in the home now, from lights and speakers to thermostats and appliance to everything in between.  When things go wrong, who is there to support you?

Here is what we know.  The connected home space continues to grow but there are many faults that currently exist.  The biggest red flag is security.  There continue to be hacks and security breaches across the industry with new threats popping up every day. Products need to get better and more secure over time.  Entertainment grade coverage isn’t there.  You get dropouts and buffering in the far reaches of the home.


Finally, speeds and AC ratings are incredibly misleading.  Yes, speed is part of the equation, but coverage is what the connected home needs.  Being fast in the room where the router isn’t the challenge, being to stream 4k in every corner of your home is.  Range extenders have been a Band-Aid style solution but create a different SSID, can only make one hop, and lose 50% of the speed.

eero app pages

Family profiles
Assign devices to a user to create a profile.  Then pause the internet to limit the amount of online time anyone can have.


Block device
See something on the network that is suspicious or shouldn’t be there?  Or maybe they want to cut off access to the internet on one device?  Go ahead and do so right through the app.


Guest Access
Create a separate guest network that gives their friends and family access to the internet but away from their connected devices.


Speed test
Run a speed test on the system to make sure they are getting the speeds they are paying for.


Alexa integration  
If they have an amazon echo or dot, sync it with eero to do such things like pause the internet, pause a profile, turn off the LED light on their eero, or even locate a device.


Network Health Check
If something doesn’t seem right, eero can run a self-diagnostic to identify the issue.


eero Beacon nightlight
Set up the nightlight on eero Beacon.  You can choose between ambient or a set schedule.  Even control the brightness of the light.

Premium protection for your network

                                                                          included features

  • Regular automatic software updates                                                              

  • WPA2-only encryption                                                                                    

  • Powerful firewall                                                                                             

  • Encrypted system connections                                                                     

  • One-time passwords                                                                                     

  • End-to-end tests with third party security experts                                         

  • Block suspicious devices                                          


                                                                          advanced features

  • Anti-malware                                                                                                  

  • Anti-phishing                                                                                                  

  • Anti-ransomware                                                                                            

  • Anti-virus                                                                                                        

  • Protection from DDoS attacks                                                                       

  • Protection from botnets                                                                                 

eero Plus


So, let's bottom line this page, you can upgrade to Eero Plus for a monthly $9.99 or $99 / year subscription (already included in our techcare premium managed services bundle, click here for more info) that offers enhanced parental controls, better support, and up-leveled security measures that Eero says can protect you from viruses, malware, and even phishing attacks and ransomware. The company believes that by collecting data on millions of people's networking traffic, and using that data to train its algorithms, Eero can start to sniff out networking problems before you'd ever notice. It all starts with trust!



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