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If unwanted visitors make it past the perimeter, the fortification and actually do enter your home, the Nest Protection package gives you warnings and triggers automatic actions and notifications to keep you in the know regarding your home.
No Inside Area is 100% Safe

When Intruders are added to the common inevitable day-to-day accidents and fails inside your home,

it becomes more important to have

a system of notification or automatic mitigation  in place .

Deterrence and Notification can help you sidestep Little Things,
before they become BIG Problems...

Whole-home security

Ring Alarm Pro combines the whole-home protection of Ring Alarm with a built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router and 24/7 Backup Internet. The easy to use Ring app allows you to receive mobile notifications when your system is triggered, arm and disarm your Alarm modes, and monitor all your Ring devices all through the Ring App so you will always know when activity is detected at your home.

Ring Notification products are made to work together & can even work with other products in your home.

ring floodlight cam blk.jpg

A System Designed to Detect and Protect

Flo by Moen™ is a revolutionary smart home water security system that features a suite of products to protect your home from water damage and leaks, 24/7. The Smart Water Shutoff monitors your entire water supply system for leaks and vulnerabilities, while the Smart Water Detector senses leaks and moisture outside of the pipes, such as overflowing drains, appliance failures, or weather-related issues.


Ring is great... up to a point & it's far better than any traditional approach,but...



We leverage predictive analytics and the science of today’s sensor systems and apply them to protect your business and home. We call our patented system OnePrevent.


You’ll call it a lifesaver.

When it comes to protecting your property and the people you are responsible for you have two choices:


1) Getting an alert AFTER a disaster has happened, or
2) Getting ACTIONABLE information before it happens.

OnePrevent focuses on stopping disasters before the fact.


As sensors collect data, leveraged with a patented algorithm and cloud computing, OnePrevent learns what’s normal in your environments. When OnePrevent senses important changes in temperature, smoke, humidity, motion, or more — you get notified. And you prevent disaster. That’s a powerful thing.

Proactive technology in the palm of your hand


Save Lives | Save Property | Save on Unnecessary Insurance Claims and Cost

Schedule Today! We Come to You!
We will stop by at a specific time (no hours long windows), we will discuss your issues, what you want, what will work best for you and strike a deal right then and there and get you on the schedule to put it all in within a week's time. We will then be back with all your gear, get it installed and running smoothly and stay as long as it takes to make sure you are comfortable with everything. We will, we promise!
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