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What is Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery?

Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery is a secure, convenient way to receive Amazon packages inside your garage. It helps prevent package theft and provides protection from potentially damaging weather like heat and rain. Key by Amazon is also contactless because there’s no interaction between you and the delivery associate or contact between the associate and the garage door.

Key In-Garage Delivery requires a compatible Smart Garage Hub or Wifi Garage Door Opener to enable authorized delivery associates to leave Amazon packages inside your garage.


How do I set up Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery?

We take care of everything for you to get set up for the Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery:

  1. We will check your eligibility and, provide the necessary myQ Smart Garage Hub, Ring Camera, and deliver it to you.

  2. We will set help you set up the myQ app on your mobile device, we will add the Key by Amazon App and help you login with your Amazon credentials, and then install your Smart Garage Hub or WiFi Garage Door Opener in the best and detailed way possible.

  3. After Device Setup, follow the prompts in the myQ app to enable Key delivery with your Amazon Prime credentials or download the Key by Amazon App to enable Key.

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

What about safety?

Protecting your privacy and security is our top priority. That's why we screen Amazon drivers before their first delivery. We also send real-time notifications on the Key by Amazon app that tell you what’s happening at home while you’re away. And, for added layers of security, we confirm the authorized driver is at your address with the correct package before access is granted. No access codes or keys are given to the driver. Finally, if you change your mind on delivery day, you can block access to your garage in the Key by Amazon App. You have total control.

What if a delivery wasn’t completed to my satisfaction?

All in-garage deliveries are backed by the Key by Amazon Happiness Guarantee. If an in-garage delivery was not completed to your satisfaction, or your product or property was damaged as a direct result of the delivery, we’ll work with you to correct the problem.


How does Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery work?

On delivery day, you’ll receive a notification on the Key by Amazon app notifying you that your package is out for delivery. Right before the driver arrives at your garage door, you’ll receive an “Arriving Now” notification. The driver will open your garage with their hand-held Amazon scanner. Amazon will verify that the package belongs to that address, and that the driver is close to the garage door, before opening it. The driver will then place the package just inside your garage, out of your driving path, and close the door with their hand-held device. Once the delivery is complete and your garage door is closed, you will receive a final notification. The driver will always make sure your garage door is closed and secure before leaving the premises.


Is my garage door compatible with Key by Amazon?

We will find out if your garage door is compatible. If your garage door opener is already connected to Chamberlain’s myQ service, we can set up In-Garage Delivery immediately in either the myQ or Key by Amazon app without any additional Smart Garage Hub installation.


What features are available with the Key Smart Garage Kit?

The Key by Amazon Smart Garage Kit enables everyday monitoring and control of your garage, and in-garage deliveries. With the Key by Amazon Smart Garage Kit, you can monitor the status of your garage door through the Key app. With a compatible camera, you can watch motion videos or a live stream of anyone who enters and exits your garage. Prime members who live in eligible zip codes can receive eligible Prime items inside their garage (An additional camera subscription plan may be required).


Do I need a camera for In-Garage Delivery?

No, a camera is optional for Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery. However, having a compatible camera will allow you to watch deliveries as they happen. Compatible cameras include Ring Indoor Cam, Ring Stick Up Cam, and the myQ Smart Garage Camera. We will take care of that part for you also.


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