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The IQstream TV listening device.
A quiet conversation, the crescendo of battle, the magic of the melody.

Experience the sound of TV in the way that’s uniquely yours.

for 1st TV


Wireless updates. Receive IQstream TV updates wirelessly from the Nuheara App.

Qualcomm® aptX™ Low latency technology for Hi-Fi sound.

Nuhears's proprietary dual-antenna technology ensures perfect audio wherever you sit in the room.

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for 2 TVs


Unlike other TV hearing devices, IQstream TV and IQbuds² MAX (or IQbuds BOOST) don’t isolate the users from others watching television with them.

 While using IQstream TV, your Nuheara earbuds can still be toggled from World Off to any of the preset environmental zones ("home", "office", "spouse...", etc.) to enable outside sounds to pass through the external microphones and to your ears.

One of the best things about the Nuheara package is that you don't need to buy a separate pair of headphones or now especially a pair of hearing buds for each room. We put an IQStreamer at each TV, you simply choose where you are on the app.

Nuheara Buds & 2 TV.png

for a TV & a Home Theater

Nuheara Buds & Home Theater.png

This package includes this HDMI extractor which splits off an analog & digital stereo signal that is fed to the IQ Streamer to be sent to the IQbuds2 MAX+ hearing buds. This does not degrade the surround sound for the main Home Theater speakers. We will help you dial in the Bluetooth feed, mix in the rest of the sound and you'll still feel the bass. Custom Sound, Better Sound. 

We've been waiting for this feature for decades!

Marino tells his story, he is a hero in sharing this!

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IQbuds MAX+


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More details on the Bluetooth Transmitter