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Membership Information

We do not sell to the general public or outside the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. You must join our Desert AV Interior Luxury Technology BUYER'S CLUB to gain the benefits of membership.


Key Points to understand:

  • Our wholesale level club prices are available only to our members.

  • Each item is offered at the direct dealer price, including sales tax.

  • Everything is sourced from factory authorized sources.

  • We buy your product with your money and then we deliver everything to you as soon as possible (usually in 3 business days, sometimes the same day, sometimes a little longer...). 

  • We then copy you via email with the actual invoice from our wholesale vendors for your proof of purchase. You can be sure that there are no games being played, transparency is guaranteed.

  • Free delivery is always included.

  • Our TechCARE managed services program is also included to match your selected member level.

  • Simple system consultation is always included in your membership package after you join, either on the phone or as soon as we get to your home at delivery.

  • Flat Fee Set-up and/or Installation is also available separately from the delivered price. We will take care of those simple set-up steps right on the spot, those flat rate prices are listed as options on each product page in our online store, NO surprises! If you require a more involved installation, we can work that out with you at that time and can usually get you on the schedule within a week or so. Full blown custom installed systems are not included in these membership packages, these systems must contracted separately.

You must select a membership level when you join the DAVI Luxury Technology BUYER'S CLUB to make purchases online for local delivery. Click HERE to check out the initial yearly fee and what is included in each membership level. Then fill out the membership request popup form, pay the initial membership fee, we will then send back your sign in code, then sign in to the Member Area to see all the great stuff we have in store for you.

We will always be at the lowest price anywhere, you buy at the same price as other local dealers, so you can be certain that you are paying the lowest price possible. Lower than Amazon, lower than BestBuy, lower than anybody!


We know that you will like what we have to offer and how we do business, this is the no bullshit approach that you have been looking for.


You can see all the product lines that we offer as part of your membership on our line card, click HERE to get a PDF copy emailed to you. We can also get you almost anything your heart desires on a one-off basis (please see the custom system exclusion above for full contracted packages), just let us know in the body of that email response and we will let you know if we can lay our hands on it for you. Remember, you must be a local resident to be eligible to join or even to get any membership information, please don't waste our time if you are an outsider or vendor.


We only offer things that we have tested and installed in actual systems in actual client's homes. We know what works, what is easy to use and what is reliable. We are seasoned experts with over 25 years of hard gained experience, not someone on the first day in their bright new Blue Shirt.


A few of our vendors require that we only sell and deliver their products directly to you, and that each delivery is included free of charge. We are okay with that. We share their concern that if each music or theater system is not set up carefully and correctly, there is a significant chance that you, our valued mutual client will be short changed and disappointed.

Thank you in advance for your patronage, we sincerely appreciate it!

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