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There are dangers out there, waiting.
We all need to take prudent and effective measures to shield ourselves, our families and our investments from these real threats.
To do less is simply foolish. 
Advanced Security

There are five areas that we focus on.

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The home security marketplace is rapidly changing. New technology and new attitudes

have introduced a new reality.

- The traditional home security business was built on high pressure sales & scare tactics.

- Their expensive, long term, impossible-to-break monitoring contracts have grown into unreasonable territory.

- Their permanently installed / locked down systems can't be moved, excluding renters of at all levels.

- Their obsolete old technology & equipment has driven false alarms to a critical point where law enforcement response at some local police departments cost so much that they won't even dispatch officers on non-verified central alarms. What's the sense of having an overly costly system that sends the P.D. over in a few days, not in a few minutes... the bad guys are long gone... with your stuff. It's time for the old ways to take the same path ( without your stuff... ).


All of this may not be the thing for you.

You may feel the need for the "sure thing" of the central station, even if it is a little delayed.

You may not want to be engaged totally in the security and safety of your loved ones and loved things. That's O.K., it's easier. 

If being lulled into a false sense of security let's you sleep better at night,

then Go For It!

We advocate a hybrid system, one that gives you the best time-tested & proven parts of traditional security systems working along with all of the rapid response New-Tech of a self-monitored, self-reliant, self-controlled security system. Oh, I almost forgot, you don't have to pay yourself.


A self-monitored security system is one that doesn't require a central monitoring station in a distant location monitoring your home for you if you simply don't want it or trust it. Instead, you are self-monitoring your security system. This means that your smartphone is connected to your security system so you get notifications when a motion detector is triggered or a door is opened. Then, by looking in on the live-view cameras, you decide whether it’s a burglar breaking into your home or your Bulldog Fido chasing Fluffy the Cat through the family room and knocking over that same poor old plant again. You are in charge of calling authorities in an emergency, you are in control of your own domain. You can verify that there is a real emergency.


The local P.D. gets very interested and active when they know that there is an actual bad guy in your house and they can accomplish real protecting and serving, instead of going out to the 9th false alarm of the shift...

And remember, there's one other thing you don't need to do, write that $65 check every month... Get Smart (or at least a little more intelligent)!

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