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The greatest thing about our #DIFYTECH wave is that the Traditional Electronic Integration community doesn't feel threatened by us in the least. Which is truly a great thing.

That will allow us to show and convert their traditional customer to our simpler, MUCH more affordable, still high-performance, reliable, efficient-to-update, inexpensive enough to upgrade, truly state-of-the-art, professionally installed and maintained solutions for a long time to come.

They will retreat to their comfortable space of super-high net worth clients with more money than sense.

We will continue to offer bugs-out, stable platforms from very well know and stable companies, Sonos, Lutron, Google/NEST, Amazon, Apple, Logitech, Ring, Samsung, Sony, and more.

They offer crazy-expensive proprietary systems from small companies that nobody has ever even heard of.

They will continue slamming over-complicated, over-priced, under-reliable, difficult-to-maintain, almost immediately obsolete "state-of-the-art" "professionally installed" systems into their "new friends" "electronic" lifestyles.

Full disclosure, for the last 20-25 years, I operated in that environment. I know the misplaced joy of cashing those HUGE checks. That joy faded when installations dragged on and complicated / super expensive systems were seldom reliable and many never really worked correctly in the first place.

Their way of doing things is broken. When a DVD player was $1,000, it may have made some sense to find a way to distribute and control that movie to all of the TVs in the house. That grew into a monsterous "solution" of multi-thousand dollar systems to distribute $69 AppleTVs and free TV receivers around the house.

The racks for all of those movie players and cable/satellite receivers were required because they were too big and noisy to locate in each room. That may have extended the need for that antique way-we-have-always-done-it mode, but that's all gone away too. All things needed are small and we have clever ways of mounting / hiding them on or behind the flat TVs.

Even the need for stacks of Sonos music servers and amplifiers that feed in-ceiling speakers that do provide better music in a less obtrusive way are being partially negated by the fine Sonos Playbar home theater music systems and the wireless all-in-one Sonos speakers.

When you take away all of that: it takes many thousands of dollars off the total price, it lessens the environmental impact because of the lowered materials/shipping/travel time and fuel use, it frees up workers to do safer/cleaner/more enjoyable tasks, it shortens the installation window, it frees up much needed storage space (in your home and in our warehouses), it makes trouble-shooting less necessary/easier/shorter, it makes temporary fixes simpler/cheaper/shorter and it allows shorter cabling / simpler hardware that is less prone to failure. That lets us shift those dollars to enble higher performance in other or more areas of your home.

The only real need for all of that wasted hardware and cabling and labor is that it provides a significant amount of cash flow to pay for now mostly unnecessary overhead and the profit that is now being siphoned off their bottom (top?) line.

Luckily for us, a lot of their "old friends" are on to them. So, l say, let 'em scoff and look down their noses at our new wave, we'll just keep making more people happy by helping them live well sooner. Oh, yeah, and you get to keep a lot of the money that would get squandered by the old-school old-way of doing things.

We will help many more of our new friends acheive amazing lifestyles. Lifestyles where you don't even realize you are living with electronics, you simply live well with the wonder, joy and amazement that technology affords us in this exciting new day. It's funny to me that as we have switched over from traditional distributed systems to our #SyLo'd approach (more on #SyLo next post) over the last few years, my 911 emergency and service calls have gone down significantly. Huh, that must mean something...

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time spent, attention and consideration.

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