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Because we are different.
We are experienced, but not stuck in the past.
We are high performance, but not high priced.
We are on the cutting edge, but shield you from the bleeding edge.
Advanced Security
We are constantly learning about great new things
and new ways of doing what we do, but never push the envelope too far.
We are very efficient in our operation and process. We keep our overhead low and our management systems up to date to serve you at the highest level possible.
We will never try to sell you more than you really need,
but you will never be forced to settle for less than you really want. We have found that trying to save people money by limiting quality and/or performance never turns out well.
The average age of our team is a little higher than most tech companies, but that will never have an effect on our forward-looking thought process. We strive to teach and nurture our younger team members to show them the way, but we will keep our minds open to their fresh thoughts and attitudes.
The old adage, "been there, done that" applies here in the truest form. 
Our history of working with the best brands and our persistence gained from hard-knocks experience will pay you dividends in value,
ease-of-use, performance, and convenience.
Our goal is a happy and comfortable experience for you, 
for many years to come.
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